My daughter has danced with Dance Class for 10 years.. everything is wonderful... classes are challenging and your kids will grow.. Dancing is for all ages male or female and skill levels... Dance Class Rocks

This is my daughter's second year at Dance Class and we love it! All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and nurturing. In addition, the staff is friendly and informative. What I love most is that I am able to go back stage for the recital in order to help my daughter prepare for her performances!

My daughter has made the best friends at Dance Class and has learned so much. The teachers are experienced dancers and gymnasts and they really care about the kids they are teaching. They have all helped my daughter to achieve her goals and encouraged her creativity. When she isn't dancing, she is leaping around our house, but you have shown her that responsibility, commitment and self-confidence can take you anywhere in life. Thank you.

"I spend a lot of money on my kids but the one place that I know I get my money's worth is Dance Class."

"The experience my child has had is amazing. She had given up on dance after attending another dance studio. Since she began here she loves dancing again. Mr. Greg is amazing with the children. All of the staff is so nice."

"Emily had danced at another school for four years and had left because she no longer liked class. Well we decided to give it another try and are so glad we chose Dance Class! She loved dancing again and loves Mr. Greg. We have been welcomed into this family. Emily's confidence has grown and she even is thinking of going back to ballet - which she always fought me over! Thank you Dance Class for making us part of your caring, loving family."

" My experience here has been amazing! I love all my teachers and peers. I want to thank yiou for spending your time with us. All of the classes here are fun but also challenging. I have made so many new friends. Can't wait til next season!"

"I love, love, love how all the teachers acknowledged/conversed with all the children!! I can feel the difference/maturity in the air. Awesome! "

"I learned that I can have so much fun in one hour. Dance makes me happy. I love to meet other people and I love being on stage doing so many dances! I just love dance PERIOD !"

"Wonderful teachers and staff! Isabella has blossomed as a dancer and loves the family atmosphere"

"My experience this year was AMAZING! This was my first year here and I was really nervous as to whether or not the teachers were going to be hard on you. The teachers are all very understanding. If you didn't know how to do a certain turn they would graciously show you. I also met a bunch of new people who are very talented dancers! I have learned so much from this year and I can't wait to start Summer classes!"

"We love Dance Class! The teachers are wonderful with the kids. The front desk staff is very organized and informative. My daughter's technique has improved 110% in the 2 years we have been here. The recitals are fun and entertaining and we couldn't be happier with this school!"

"Our daughter has been dancing with Dance Class for four years and is completing her first year dancing on the competition team. She absolutely loves everything about Dance Class! Being on the competiton team was such a positive expereicne for her. The morale and support from team members and families has been amazing and truly heart-warming. She has grown so much as a dancer in just this one year! Overall, our experience with Dane Class and it's staff has been great! We couldn't imagine our daughter dancing anywhere else."

Thank you for giving me a chance in Jazz 4 and on the team! Also, thank you for all you have done for me, I truly love being at the studio and working with AMAMZIN choreographers!

Thank you so much for teaching my daughter this year. Thank you for all the extra time, effort, and dedication to making sure your students got the recital they worked so hard for all year!

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into Dance Class. We are so lucky to have you as an instructor but especially as a role model for our kids.

Thank you for giving me a safe place-a home away from home-a place to be myself. I have made so many friendships at the studio and I can't wait to see you all again.

You are the person who inspired me to dance from the start. Ever since I was little I wanted to dance at Dance Class because of everyone there, especially you!

After dancing at a dance school in Philadelphia for 9 years, My daughter felt left out of the spotlight. This is her second year at Dance Class and she absolutely loves it. She feels as though her talents are not overlooked. She is always excited for class. My daughter also made the competition team. We love the studio, the instructors and the parents.

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