Dancewear Request

Please answer the following questions below to direct us to the proper dance shoe and fit for your child/children. Once your order is reviewed, we will gather the requested shoes for a fitting. The student will be fitted when he/she is in for class.

Dance Class also carries the tights and leotards required for class. Indicate below if you are in need of tights. We can choose a size that we feel is best.

You may come into the studio to see the styles of our leotards. Older children are welcome to choose a leotard with your permission.

Once the fitting is completed and the student has the proper dance shoes / dance wear, we will use your payment method on your account. By filling out this form you authorize us to charge your account for merchandise received.

All students must be properly attired no later than October 31, 2021.

What you can expect:

If we need to order an item, orders will be placed the first week of the month. Please note that narrow or wide sizes will need to be ordered, if this is the case, we will let you know.

2021 – 2020 Dance Shoe Prices

  • Ballet (Child up to size 2.5) $21.99 + tax
  • Ballet (Adutl 3 to 11) $24.99 + tax
  • Jazz Oxfords (Child up to size 3) $24.99 + tax
  • Jazz Oxfords (Adult 3.5 to 13). $26.99 + tax
  • Tap shoes for Mini level (Child to size 3) $20.99 + tax
  • Tap shoes for Petite and Junior level (Child to size 3) $22.99 + tax
  • Tap shoes for Petite and Junior level (Adult size 3.5 to 11) $22.99 + tax
  • Children’s size tights $11.99 no tax
  • Adult size tights $xx.xx no tax
  • Chidren’s size leotards (in stock) $15.99 no tax
  • Adult size leotards (in stock) $19.99 no tax

If an item must be ordered the price of the item could vary due to increased price from our supplier and additional shipping.