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Founded in 2012, the Classified Dance Company has been a wild success in the competition dance circuit. Our studio has been recognized as boundary breakers with fresh and exciting choreography, concepts and training styles. Highlights of our competition career have been placing 5th Overall at Beyond the Stars Nationals, Earning Two Top Ten awards at the World Dance Championships, receiving the Choreography Award at the World Dance Championships, and earning the ADCC Studio of Excellence Award. Students are trained in all dance styles and are asked to enroll for 3 to 5 hours of class a week in addition to their competition rehearsals. Program emphasis includes respect, team bonding, preparedness, time management, goal-setting, and kindness. While we are competitive, we believe in fostering dancers who are hireable and likable in their future careers.

Dancers interested in auditioning for the Classified Dance Company should inquire about the program in the Spring. Auditions are held each Summer for new members. Every dancer may not be asked to join, but the process of Auditions are a great way to grow as a dancer and a person. The parents of the Classified Dance Company are asked to be active with the Classified Dance Company Booster Club (CDCBC) to help raise funds that cover the costs of competitions and conventions. The CDCBC is a 501(c)3 group organized and operated by the parents of the team members.

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CDC team members get to participate in extra performances, special opportunities, classes and community service. If you're interested, contact Greg today by emailing