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Learn about the Classified Dance Company!

Learn about the Classified Dance Company!

Founded in 2012 by Greg, the program has grown beyond just training dancers. Our professional mentors guide the dancers interested in furthering their training in a well-rounded and supportive atmosphere. Season after season we are recognized for our impactful artistry, original concepts, backstage etiquette, and overall professionalism. Students on the Classified Dance Company work not only with their dance instructors, but also receive guidance through workshops from Mental Performance Coaches, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, and Photographers. We believe in the power of dance as a vehicle to hone skills like time management, preparedness, sportsmanship, mental health, and of course talent! 

Auditions are held annually for new dancers in June. If you are interested in training with the best please reach out to Greg at [email protected].

Award Highlights:

ADCC Studio of Excellence 2019, 2023

Choreography Awards at every event... (we're not kidding!)

Choreography Award at Star Dance Alliance's "World Dance Championships" 2017

Standout Awards for Soloists

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