Age Groups:

"KidNetics" - Age 3 

Tiny Tots - Age 4 - 5

Minis - Age 5 - 7

Petites - Age 7 - 10

Juniors - Age 10 - 13

Teens - Age 13 - 16

Seniors - Age 16+

"KidNetics" - Our original program developed by our founder, Miss Debbie. KidNetics is the first class a little one will take at Dance Class. The word is derived from "Kinetics": the study of the effect of force. Students learn how the body is able to move and how to use it as a tool for artistic expression! These little ones are also treated to crafts and games that improve dexterity, verbal and non-verbal communication, and timing. Enroll your youngest in this class to start them on their journey to finding a love for dancing and performing! Students wear Ballet slippers for class, but will also be barefoot for tumbling exercises.

Tiny Tots - Our little ones are treated to an all encompassing course intended to foster their love of dance and performing. Some groups may sway toward a Jazzy routine, while others may be doing a sweet balletic dance. Our goal for the Tiny Tots is always to create a welcoming atmosphere that opens the door to their dance training. Students will learn how to enter a dance classroom, ask questions, set goals for themselves, and work with others! Our Tots should wear Ballet shoes for class; oftentimes their first pair!

Hip Hop - A high energy class for everyone! Your instructor will guide you through a selection of different styles of Hip Hop dance that have developed over time. Originated in the early 1970's in NYC, Hip Hop has exploded into a massive set of styles that differ depending on what region of the world you are in. Explore how it all got started and travel forward to today's most popular moves popularized by social media, music videos, and popular shows! Students wear a Hip Hop sneaker that can be purchased from the studio for class.

Jazz - One of our favorites! If you're looking for an energetic and over the top fun class, this is it. Our Jazz classes are meant to introduce styling and technique for dancers. Learn how each small movement in your body can change the way something looks and feels. Perform complicated movement sequences during class that enable dancers to learn quickly and execute choreography with ease. Get ready for high kicks, spins, and lots and lots of sass! Students wear Jazz Oxfords/Boots and should enroll in a Ballet course as a corequisite.

Ballet - Elegance, power, and precision. Ballet has withstood the test of time and has become the world's most efficient training method for the human body. Our students train in Ballet to enhance and compliment all of the different styles of dance. Without Ballet, we would not know how to balance on our toes, stretch our bodies to the limits, or pirouette (spin) on one leg. Students begin their class at the Ballet Barre followed with work in the center of the room and across the floor. Advanced students may be asked to begin training en pointe to eventually perform their dances in Pointe shoes. Consider taking this class if you are new to dance and have a goal of improving your abilities quickly!

Contemporary - Today's dance industry has become what it is because of Contemporary dance. A bit of this and a bit of that; Contemporary encompasses technique from Ballet, Jazz, and Modern to illustrate human expression through movement. Learning how to tell stories on stage and use dance as a healing tool, our dancers love this style. While we can categorize many things as Contemporary, at our school we believe in challenging the dancers in a way that helps them develop their unique voice as artists. Students will take class barefoot most often, but may also be asked to wear socks or "half sole" shoes. Taking Ballet and Jazz is heavily suggested as co-requisites for this course.

Tap - It's all about rhythm! Dancers who gravitate toward Tap are some of the most intelligent artists. Tap allows dancers to dissect music to a level beyond what we do in other classes. Using their unique shoes to create layers of rhythm that compliment music, Tappers are both dancers and musicians! Everyone should join a Tap class at some point in their life. Challenge the brain to hear and think differently. There is no feeling like hearing music coming from your feet. Dancers can purchase Tap shoes from the studio store!

Acrobatics - "Acro" as we refer to it is popular at our school! Students love to tumble and fly through the air on our professional mats. Acro is our floor-based style of tumbling that heavily compliments the students who are looking to boost their overall dance technique. Learn how to bend the body in all directions, balance on your hands, and one day even flip without using any hands at all! These students must wear tight fitting clothing and take class barefoot. Try Acro with Ballet or another technical style to see progress fast!

Modern - Born from the desire to break away from traditional dance in the late 19th century, Modern dance exists today in many forms. From the theatrical twists and contractions stemming from Martha Graham or the powerful lines exhibited from Lester Horton, the body is challenged greatly in this type of class. Students taking our Modern courses love the choreographed warmups and deep knowledge of the body they gain from the instructors. Modern students will take class mostly barefoot and should enroll in another dance style like Jazz or Ballet to boost their strength and flexibility in order to gain the full benefits of Modern.

Musical Theatre - Using the technique gained in classes like Jazz and Ballet, students enrolled in Musical Theatre are encouraged to break out of their shell and develop their inner performer! From acting games, lip-syncs, script dissection, stage direction, and choreography exercises; this class is jam packed. The dancers enrolled for Musical Theatre explore every aspect of the craft that they can. We believe in students learning just as much about the process of directing a full stage show as the dancing that goes into them. Shoes may vary from Jazz Oxfords/Boots to Theatrical Heels. Each class performs excerpts from different well-known shows each season!