Classes Offered (2014-2015)

3-year-old Classes

A class designed specifically for this age. Students learn basic elements of dance with the ultimate goal of performing one routine in our annual recital.


Split- Children's Ballet/Tap (ages 4-5)

Split classes combine  ballet training and tap training with the ultimate goal of performing both types of dance in our annual recital. Split classes lay the groundwork for later specialized training in either discipline.

Split- Children's Jazz/Tap (ages 6-7)

These split classes are similar to those experienced at ages 4 and 5, however ballet training begins to give way to jazz training, with the ultimate goal of performing a jazz and a tap routine in our annual recital.


KIDnetics (Unique to Dance Class)

This class is designed for our littlest stars, aged 2.5 to 3 (students must be 30 months old by September 30th). This 45-minute-per-week class is full of instruction with emphasis on fun. We use numbers, colors, songs, musical instruments, tumbling, and dance steps during the themed oriented class. Students attend a full year of class (Sept to May) and perform 2 in-house shows (Winter and Spring) for parents and loved ones.


 Classical Ballet

An elegant, traditional style dating back to the Italian Rennaissance. This class is very much rooted in history, combining technical elements and terminologies with classical movement. Typically, ballet is performed to classical music, however our ballet productions are known to push the envelope in increasingly new and innovative ways. For example, our past productions have included" Phantom of the Opera", "The Rainforest",  Disney's "Fantasia","A Pirate Tale",  "Salute to the Silver Screen", and our latest production "Masterpiece". 



This class is designed for students who are well prepared, after a sufficient level of ballet training and maturity, at the discretion of the student's teacher. Students perform difficult, elegant technical movement using specific pointe shoes that allow for dancing on the very tip of one's toes.




A style of dance derived from classical Ballet that employs components of Modern and Jazz dance.  Contemporary dance is often associated with moving stories portrayed by the performers on stage.  Students will learn how to utilize their classical training in a unique way.  Ballet is recommended as a co-requisite for this class. 


Dance Conditioning (For Classified Team Members)

This class will serve as a training course to improve technique and bodily awareness in all styles of dance. In dance, we must pay extra attention to what our body is telling us. Students will learn what is happening in their bodies while they are in motion. By combining anatomical placement with imagery, students will be able to visualize and explore the world of dance technique in a safe and exciting way. This class will serve as a way for students to gain extra skill-building in addition to their regular dance classes. This class was developed using information from the following sources:

  • International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS)
  • YogaFit Training Systems
  • Eric Frankllin's "Franklin Methode"
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)


Training in a breadth of gymnastic skills in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Students utilize floor exercise, various supplemental mats,  spotting belts, chin-up bar, and mini trampoline, with the ultimate goal of performing creative and entertaining floor routines in our annual recital.


An innovative, ever-changing style of movement that began on the streets in the 1970s and 80s and can now be seen in such mediums as So You Think You Can Dance and many dance movies and in an overwhelming number of current music videos. The style combines sharp-moving elements of jazz, jazz funk, popping, locking, breaking, and, more recently, jerking and krumping, all within a large-group atmosphere.

Irish Step

A style of dance performed to traditional Irish music. The feet move rapidly as the arms remain stiffly placed in this fast-paced and celebrated style, which was invented when Irish dancers, in need of a hard surface, detached their wooden doors and danced on top of them!

Jazz Technique

At Dance Class we  have implimented the Giordano Technique through NGCP (Nan Giordano Certification Program).  Mr. Greg brings students through this powerful training method that has served Jazz dancers for over 50 years.  This class includes warmups that will help strengthen a dancers technical abilities and movement combinations meant to train the brain for complex choreography.   If students are interested in becoming powerful explosive performers, Jazz is the right class to enroll in!  



Modern dance dates back to the late 19th Century and explores how the body works and moves.  It focuses on weight shifting, strength, alignment, and flexibility.  Students will focus mainly on the Horton and Limon techniques as well as develope self-expression and improvisation skills.  An understanding of ballet technique will further enhance the study of modern dance.


Musical Theatre

Designed for the student who has ever dreamt of performing on a Broadway stage. Students will experience various types of musical theatre dance, acting, stage direction, lighting, and technical elements, as well as learn classical styles from some of Broadway's greatest shows.



Your shoes provide their own percussion in this style of dance. So named for the metal "tap" on the heel and toe of the shoe, this discipline teaches students to stamp, stomp, scuff, shuffle, flap, cramproll, buffalo, wing, and pull-back to the rhythm and beat of a wide variety of music. Traditional tap accompanies "showy" Broadway tunes, but tap can be performed to virtually any sound, whether it be classical, musical theatre, hip-hop, or even a capella!



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